Life after Lockdown

Namaste Beautiful Souls,

I hope you have all been keeping healthy, safe, positive and sane!

It’s been a while, but here is an update of where we are at!

It’s been a while but I am looking forward to connecting with you all again soon!

At the moment, in the studio, I am only offering one-on-one sessions, or small private group sessions, due to how many people we can fit into the studio at the one time due to restrictions.

However we are doing 1 Group Meditation session every Thursday at a local park in Camden. This group is open to everyone from beginners through to the more advanced. The session is $20pp and everyone is welcome.

We will kick off the new year fresh with Group Classes available in the Camden Studio.

But in the meantime, I am still doing 1 Group Zoom session per week, every Wednesday at 6:30pm. These are charged at $10pp (And even Zoom one-on-one’s too $35pp)

When group sessions re-open, spots will be limited in each class so please message me if you are interested in having your name put down for a group session. I will also be offering a new Teen Girl class next year, again please message me to have your name put down if interested. The Teen Girl Class booked out quite quickly last year so this is a great time to secure a spot.

In Studio Group classes will be $22 per visit

I am still offering Holistic Counselling sessions and have a couple of spots left for new clients. This can be done via Zoom or face to face in the studio. (Covid guidelines still apply)

My one-on-one Meditation sessions in the studio are $50 for 45 minutes, these sessions are great for anyone wanting to learn how to meditate and find a technique that works for them. They are also great for people wanting to target certain areas (popular areas are weight loss, quit smoking, stress and anxiety, self-confidence, manifesting, connecting with spirit guides, you name it!) I incorporate my Meditation Therapy into these sessions and everyone’s session is unique and personalised to them.

Meditation Therapy is a little different. It is a mixture of Meditation and Holistic Counselling rolled in 1, for those wanting a more in depth meditation based around a particular area. This is good for people who may be feeling a little unsure and may not feel ready to commit to a regular counselling routine. This usually takes more time. Meditation Therapy is $70 for a 1 hour session.

I am also offering sound Therapy sessions which are $60 for a 30 Sound Bath. You can also come with a friend or 2 if you like, the session is charged at $50pp in a group.

We now offer Hypnotherapy, which is super exciting. These are done in Hypnotherapy or Hypnotation blocks.

HYPNOTATION: Hypnosis and Meditation for Success Programming.

Don’t rely on either method on its own. Instead, use both methods parallel to each other. Clear any subconsciously held issues that are holding you back with hypnosis, and then improve your concentration and focus with meditation.

Specialising in;


Offering Hypnotherapy packages or Hypnotation which targets both your conscious and unconscious mind, offering higher success rates. For all enquiries, please message or call me direct.

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